Green Your Office

Since I have decided to start a cleaning business, I have been planning this day, when I will be creating our own green your office campaign.

Now finally at this stage, I was checking out the competition, proud to say just one position above us in the google search for #greenofficecleaning – Green Your Office. They have the best articles on their blog.

My favourite is about the electrocuted(%-) salty water as a cleaning solution- how amazing is that! But to find out more read the comment in the NYtimes

Here is another american article about electrolyzing salty water.

From the above article – Here is how it actually work:

“Here’s how it works. Electrolyzed water is produced by applying a low-voltage electrical charge to saltwater. Sodium ions form sodium hydroxide (NaOH), a strong base that cleans much like a detergent. Chloride ions form hypochlorous acid (HClO), which is a powerful disinfectant. The potent compounds are rendered harmless either by doing their job cleaning and disinfecting or they are simply rendered inactive over time.”