Ultimately Eco Cleaning Ltd

Small changes make a big difference.

Ultimately Eco Cleaning Ltd was founded in 2007. We are an environmentally friendly enterprise providing professional domestic and office cleaning services throughout London.
We are a team of employees and regular subcontractors, who are reliable, professional and trustworthy people. As a company we strive to maintain strong ethical standards – while cleaners are paid the London and UK living wage, we also charge affordable cleaning rates to our clients.
We offer professional development for our team members and personal and professional support and training to the subcontractors we work with. It is one of our main objectives to raise the profile of the cleaning profession and practice. We keep very close to our hearts the education and protection of our clients’ and colleagues’ health, and we are committed to a sustainable future.
We are committed to not only clean effectively but save energy, water and cleaning materials and products wherever possible.

We supply a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products and materials by the best eco brands available in the UK and Europe: BioD, Microfibre cloths and mops from Paragon, Method, Delphis, Ecover and Vileda. Where available we refill some of the products. This allows us and our customers to reduce plastic waste and further decrease pollution and waste by reusing plastic bottles and tubs.

Our company operates throughout all areas of London and we use public transportation and bicycles – we do not own any motor vehicles.

Ultimately Eco Values

We are an ethical business: Cleaners are paid a fair living wage and valued for the work they do and the effort they invest.
We are a sustainable business: We clean with environmentally sound and ultimately healthy methods and products. We are carbon neutral since 2012, we offset out emissions by planting trees with We Forest.
We are an environmentally friendly business: We recycle and reduce waste. The methods we use allow us to clean with less water and energy. We refill products where possible.