Commercial Cleaning in London 

Ultimately Healthy, ethical and green

We provide professional cleaning services to many businesses in the Greater London Area. 

We only work with people who have provided proof of identity and address, working permit evidence and checkable references.

We provide specialised training to ensure they are aware of our mission and values – it is important to share the same values and have equal understanding of the standard of services we offer. We give them practical advice and training in using microfiber cloths, eco-friendly products, methods and practices.

Our Method- What happens on our first visit?

On our 1st Visit we will take notes of all your cleaning specifications and requirements in great detail, and will create a profile for the job. We use it to train your appointed cleaner and if and when necessary the cleaner who will cover for them, when they go on holiday if required. We only put the address and the cleaning specifications we exclude any sensitive information like alarm codes and entry codes. We then make sure the specifications are followed and we keep in touch with you.

Liaison – How to communicate your needs?

We liaise with you directly in case of cancellation or schedule alteration. We invite you to give us regular feedback and if your requirements have changed, do let us know so we can keep the file up-to-date.

Payment – How to pay us?

Per monthly invoice payable within 10 days of receipt.


We are VAT registered. 20% is charged on all services and products provided by Ultimately Eco Cleaning Ltd.