Why Ultimately Eco Cleaning?

We offer healthy, ethical and green cleaning services. We clean homes and offices in London. Many of us worry that switching to environmentally friendly chemical or non-chemical methods of cleaning will reduce the quality of hygiene. We can demonstrate that there are simple, inexpensive and effective materials and ways to sustain a hygienic and sparkly clean home or office, without costing the planet.

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Why Green Cleaning?

There are currently 30,000 man-made chemicals traded in the EU and many are used in cleaning products and toiletries.

Individually, each chemical may be harmless in a minute quantity, but there are big concerns about the combined effect of the ‘chemical cocktail’ we are awash with. Only a small percentage of these chemicals have been adequately tested for safety and even when tested, chemicals are tested on the healthy, fully grown adult males and then scaled down to account for the effects on women and children.

In 1962, the American biologist Rachel Carson said in her book “Silent Spring” that from the moment of their conception until death every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals.

Ever since Environmental organisations have been campaigning to stop the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products, unfortunately they alone cannot stop dangerous chemicals being used.

Replacing the harmful products we regularly use with safer substitutes can be crucial for our health.

* To find out more about the toxic effects of chemicals, visit our library.

Why Green Cleaning is good for our children?

From conception to old age, a baby needs pure environment – natural, loving, warm and healthy.

Today, from the moment of their conception our children are exposed to hundreds of chemicals. Some of these chemicals build up in the body and can disturb the developmental, cause health problems and long term illnesses. For the developing baby endocrine-disrupting chemicals are particularly and irreversibly dangerous.

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