Our Еnvironmental Policy

Ultimately Eco Cleaning Ltd complies fully with environmental legislation. Our activities, both internal operations and infrastructural development are designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • We do not own any vehicles; instead we hold a membership with a hire-by-the-hour cars and vans company that we use only when necessary. Our colleagues use the public transport or cycle. Some of our subcontractors are members of the Barclays Bicycle hire scheme.
  • Cleaners are trained to turn off lights and machines, and to clean one area at a time, so that to minimise the use of light.
  • We train our people to stop taps when not in use and to report leaks etc.
  • Every one of us is trained to recycle: 
  • PAPER: Copier Paper – white or dyed; Card – white or dyed; Leaflets; Brochures, magazines, newspapers; Junk mail; Business directories including Yellow Pages; Envelopes, including “window” envelopes: Cardboard (or use Tape on flat-packed bundle)
  • TIN: Drinks cans & food tins GLASS: Glass bottles & jars Tetrapak; Batteries; Light Bulbs
  • PLASTIC: Plastic bottles, films & carrier bags (check for the symbols below)
  • NB – symbol 6 is for Polystyrene – we can only recycle non-expanded PS. COMPOST organic cooking and garden waste – we know how to and we do it where this service is facilitated.

  • Every product we supply is delivered with a COSHH certificate; however most of them do not require one.
  • When a new product or material is suggested to us, we will not consider it unless it is 100% environmentally friendly and/or an improvement on the existing.
  • We aim to supply toilet paper and towels from only recycled sources, or from certified sustainable resources.

We do not use conventional cleaning products because we believe they are manufactured unethically and damage our health and the environment. We do not use bleach.

A wide selection of top quality healthy, ethical and green cleaning products and methods allows us to clean your domestic and business premises in a 100% healthy way and as environmentally consciously as possible. We offer several methods for cleaning that are effective and environmentally friendly.

100% Biodegradable with Method* home, ECOVER, BioD, Earth Friendly Products

100% Organic Biodegradable with certified organic producers: Alma Win and Bentley Organics.

*Method is Cradle-to-Cradle certified product.

Microbial or Probiotic Cleaning – using friendly bacteria and providing effective and efficient solution for cleaning and sanitising all area in a domestic or business environment.

Chemical-free cleaning 

ENJO is a high tech fibre that has been scientifically found to clean 6.5 times more effectively than any other conventional cleaning methods using only water.

Microfibers also allows us to clean with only water, but also, wherever possible (i.e. hard flooring) makes possible to clean without using electricity, i.e. using a microfiber mop system for dusting/sweeping and wet mopping.

100% natural cleaning methods: cleaning with soda bicarbonate, vinegar, soap, bamboo cloths, natural sponges, aromatherapy and water.